River House Consulting helps small and medium-sized organizations get to the next level of impact through improving Board and organizational structure, systems, and processes. We conduct environmental and organizational assessments, facilitate strategic planning, and help improve governance through Board development.

Often clients come to us when they are considering a change or at a pain point. Typical engagements include help with succession planning, moving from a founders board to more accountable governance, creating the foundation for more effective resource development, launching new programs, dealing effectively with rapid growth or the loss of a major funding stream, or building an infrastructure to support a more complex organization.

Our board, strategic and program evaluation consulting starts with assessments that consider both the external environment, the perceptions and priorities of constituents and stakeholders, and the current organizational design. Data is collected through a mix of methods that may include surveys, interviews, focus groups and research. We analyze our data, and present our findings through facilitated meetings and a report to your leaders who are engaged in the planning process.

After the data and analysis are presented to your leadership team, we collaborative to create a plan.  River House can then assist you with organizational implementation of the plan and with the change management support that can help assure success.



Whether you’re a new board member, a seasoned executive, an aspiring leader, or considering career transition or succession planning, we help you by co-creating tangible goals and focusing on the ones that matter most.

Individual coaching helps leaders at all levels develop the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex world. Whether it’s honing communication skills, making high-stakes decisions, building diverse teams, thriving in conflict, learning to be a manager, creating accountability, mentoring reports or focusing on priorities, we’re here to help.

We provide team coaching for board, executive, and staff teams. Team coaching builds high-trust, long-lasting relationships that allow for open communication, listening and the culture needed for positive outcomes and lasting change. Working within the core values and mission of the organization, we help teams develop practices and style to support the impact of diverse members and achieve desired outcomes.

Our experience and research tell us that cross-functional and diverse teams are the core unit of organizational effectiveness and innovation.  Team coaching and facilitation helps build teams that can innovate through increasingly complex challenges. Our goal is to build strong relationships, give voice to team members who may have been or felt marginalized, and create sustainable practices and culture.


team training

River House presents lunch-and-learn, ½ day, and full day workshops to help staff at any level develop new perspectives and skills to interact, communicate, and conduct themselves as members of inclusive and effective organizations. River House workshops promote self-awareness and support thoughtful, critical decision-making in typical work situations with diverse staff.

All workshops include opportunities for self-reflection and problem-solving. Participants gain awareness of their behavior and leave with practical tips for improving their skills and function at work. Workshops incorporate a variety of methods, including presentation, video, individual, small and large group exercises, case scenarios, and role-plays, and always have lots of time for discussion and questions.

Topics can be individualized for the needs of the organization or audience. Workshops have been hosted by organizations of all sizes including institutions of higher education, corporations and small businesses, and trade association membership events.

Example of recent workshop topics include:

  • Business Etiquette

  • Managing Conflict and Enhancing Respect

  • Creating Culturally Competent Organizations

  • Creating a Safe and Respectful Workplace

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Coaching Skills

  • Building Diverse and Inclusive High Performing Teams

  • Effective Communication Skills