About Us

River House Consulting Principal, Rachel Howard, brings experience, perspective, deep understanding, and respect for the challenges facing leaders of nonprofits and other mission-focused organizations. We work with leaders challenged by scarce resources for core mission-support, an abundance of passion and opinions, multiple demands from funders and constituents, and world-changing work to do. Our approach is individualized to each organization, incorporating thirty years of leadership in the social sector, expertise and credentials in leadership coaching and nonprofit board consulting, and roots in the social work profession.

Our clients include foundations, community-based nonprofits, organizations with regional and national services and scope, advocacy organizations, parent centers, special education and disability-focused organizations, Jewish organizations, and economic development businesses. We have a particular strength in helping founder-led and grass-roots organizations transition to sustainability.



Rachel is a Certified Leadership Coach and Nonprofit Board Consultant with over 30 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and executive roles. Her work combines a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector, effectiveness in training and facilitation, and critical thinking with empathy, intuition, and compassion. She is an ideal partner for leaders of mission-focused organizations who want to thrive in turbulent times.

Rachel’s consulting clients include leaders of non profit organizations, foundations, and social entrepreneurs. She provides workshops and trainings to a variety of large public and private organizations on behalf of a national Employee Assistance Program, and on behalf of membership organizations at conferences and events. She also customizes workshops for clients of all kinds. Rachel’s coaching clients include individuals who are considering professional transitions or experiencing career challenges, as well as leaders and aspiring leaders of nonprofit organizations.

Before launching her own business in 2016, Rachel served as the Executive Director of Resources for Children with Special Needs, leading its transformation to INCLUDEnyc, a leader in the New York City disabilities community. She has served in executive and leadership roles in several nonprofits serving children and adults with disabilities and their families, designed and initiated programs for young people transitioning to adulthood, served in policy-related roles in the public sector, and as an adjunct professor in Educational Leadership.

Rachel earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, where she went on to earn her Master's Degree in Social Service Administration. She is a Licensed Social Worker in New York and New Jersey, and holds Certificates in Nonprofit Board Consulting and Leadership Coaching for Organizational Development.